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May 14, 2013

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Today was one of those magnificent weather days that make you excited to be alive, blessed to be breathing clean air, and want to hug trees all day. Thanks to my dear hubs he built me an outdoor studio so on days like today, I can sling paint to my hearts desire and not worry about the mess, all the while watching orange headed Skinks scatter about. 

I scored an amazing new journal that I can’t wait to break in, love the words of affirmation on the leather cover! 

Most of the afternoon though,  I spent prepping journal pages for my mixed media journal and class, “Field Notes,” by Juliana Coles. The class is amazing so far and never did I expect to have so many incredible assignments, videos, and suggested ideas thrown at me in an online workshop. These pages were prep work and will eventually be filled with tons of assignments during the course of our class. 

I also spent some time reading the first section of Nicolaide’s “The Natural Way To Draw” which is written so precisely that just about anyone willing to put forth the effort can learn to draw. Thanks to his inspiration, I became inspired to finish one of my journal pages using some of his suggestions and chose the beginning page of the interview for Rosemarie Beck, a fascinating figurative artist who was with us until 2003.  

(This is the quote at the beginning of the book)

The photograph and interview of Rosemarie, from my journal “Perspectives On The Arts” was a juxtaposition in contrast and ease of conversation, so I opted to try my hand at gestural sketching using my non dominant hand. I used graphite, a blue Neocolor Pastel, Micron Pen in pink, and a water soluble graphite stick. Each study lasted only about a minute or two, and then I wrote a few quotes and thoughts from my own voice as well as Nicolaide’s across her dress. The journal page was more about letting loose, trying something new, and reflecting on the brilliance of both of these artists who have blazed a trail for me. 

This past weekend was full of surprises, a great Artwalk, and a beautiful Mother’s Day where I was able to spend it not only with my own mother, son, and family, but also with my step daughter and her family which made it so much more special. She is an incredible mother and it is a joy watching her grow as a parent. Art is about life, and the most beautiful parts of it, in my opinion, are the celebrations of family. 

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