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May 7, 2013

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I have no clue where this will end up but I freaking LOVE the process of one….not knowing, and two…playing along until I get there. This is one of my pages in Juliana Cole’s Field Notes online class and as I understand, this page may not be finished, but for now, totally swooning over the colors, the messiness, the energy and feeling of being alive when I see this page. There are things in nature that inspire me more than others, and then, well there is the incredible connection with GROWTH and DECAY that all living things experience. It was with those two concepts in mind that I trotted forth into this journal page. 

As always, started with a page from “The Perspective on the Arts” and let my spirit guide me based on my assignment. 

Next, began sketching and considering things in nature, out my window, things I remember, and sights and sounds that influence me when it comes to ‘being and feeling alive.’
I knew I wanted to used birds, and started to sketch small ones, birds flying on the page, and one really large, bodacious bird, because we have one of those on our 42 acre farm. He pretty much knows he is the bees knees when it comes to being a bird. I call him our water turkey….he knows why as well, 😉 
At this stage I starting mixing it up with Crayola Markers, Neo Color II’s, Sharpie Markers, and then Golden Fluid Acrylics. 
I love how the Golden’s made the colors more intense and transparent, especially when helping the birds come forward and the background recede. 
Finally, I added my juicy tidbits, the layers of white, Molotow markers, the words, oh the words, and I blended in the fence, vegetation, and feathers. This, to me, is what I love about art journaling, the ability to take an ordinary image, transform it based on where your artistic vision leads, and develops your painting style and voice all at the same time. Can’t wait to see how this piece eventually turns out. 

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