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April 25, 2013

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I am so excited to be taking Juliana Coles ‘FieldNotes‘ workshop!  I chose a 1962 book for my journal practice, “Perspectives on the Arts” which has a marvelous section in it about the Dadaist and their profound impact on art and society. 

Because the book I chose is rather large, 144 pages, I am choosing to fill it with my workshop practice and my daily journal practice and so far, I am loving the thought of combining the two. Today’s page has lots of internal meaning for me, is a sketch of my kitchudio, and a few other unexpected life fragments between walking into the light or living in shadows.

There is a combination of collage, photo transfers, markers, acrylic paints, and graphite on today’s page. Makes me want to dive right in! 

My next entry was all about Marcel Duchamp and his take on Nothingness. Gave me a lot to consider and I really took my time sketching my view along with thinking through what all he meant by that. His viewpoint has inspired me to study the Dadaists at length. 

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  1. Mary Schiros says:

    This is going to be a joy to follow, thanks for sharing your Art Journal travels.

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