Watercolor Travel Palette

April 23, 2013

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Watercolors can be really expensive, especially if you use professional grade paints such as Holbein, Daniel Smith, or Windsor Newton. I have palettes at home because I use tube paints and had previously used a Van Gogh travel palette with pans which I had for eons and loved, but I really missed my favorite paints which I had at home. I had priced out travel palettes and to purchase them ready made was way too costly, so I started searching for travel kits I could fill with tube paints and even those were costly. Along comes my stroll through the sewing aisle at a local craft store and low and behold I spied a bobbin thread holder with 25 sections, just deep enough for tube paints for $5. Because I plan to travel and sketch with these a lot I will allow them to dry out a bit but I am really stoked to start using a much more varied palette in my sketchbook! 

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  1. J.D. Fields says:

    That is too cool! what store did u buy that at? Do they have a on line store? Hubby and I are getting ready to go on vacation next month and I would like to travel light this time. Any help u could give will help.

    Thank ya kindly J.D.

  2. J.D. Fields says:

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