My Beloved Prayer Painting from Koinonia

February 24, 2013

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One of the concepts I am focusing on this week, thanks to my Flora Bowley intuitive painting class, is being bold and brave in my work. As I approached this weekend, I knew this conference would be a great opportunity for me to actually put that into practice, so I bravely chose to paint during a worship service in front of a lot of women, to face my issue of not feeling like I ‘get’ the worship experience. I had never done this before, so the entire concept had me totally out of my comfort zone….thankfully! 

The word ‘beloved’ always brings me great pause. It is one of those words my spirit wrestles with because I don’t comprehend my relationship with Christ that way….but I wish I did. This weekend I was fortunate enough to spend it with a great group of ladies at the Koinonia conference in Panama City. To be honest, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go….not because I didn’t want to connect with these women or express my faith, but because I struggle with the concept of public worship and didn’t want to feel awkward in this moment. Rather than give into that fear, I faced it, chose to go, and chose to paint through the service as a way to connect with my faith in a process that I am comfortable with…through my art. 
 I started with writing my intentions and prayer for the day on my paper and as my spirit led, my brush followed. I wish I could say there was an easy flow to this but like always, I processed my angst through the moments of prayer. It was an interesting few hours as I deliberately chose colors and lines and marks in response to words said or feelings felt. Though a bit odd at first, within the first few minutes of committing to use my gift through the service, I was totally tuned in and that my friends…..was….the miracle. 

For the first time I didn’t feel like a fish out of water in a church service. I know that sounds odd, especially to many folks who know me and know that I was raised in church my entire life. As much as I love church, love the connection, love the lessons, I just never quite got the worship part of it all until I was allowed to let my paint flow. 

Being tuned in was great, but it didn’t prevent my head from colliding with my heart and there were moments that gave me great pause. After painting a while, creating many layers, and feeling the angst arise, I stopped, took a deep breathe and two visions came into play. The first one was a person with their hands raised high in great praise for their heavenly father….their beloved . The second was much more profound. I saw the image of Jesus, on the cross, hands raised, and the idea that he is the true beloved hit home with me. I can’t imagine how Mary must have felt watching her son crucified….her beloved child. It was a humbling thought at the sacrifice of the life he gave.

Here are some of the images of the process as I began and painted through the service with a quite meditation time afterwards. 

I began with a prayer….

Then began to add the colors inspired by words and music….
As Christie sang….I painted…

At first, the image of an angel came to be….but much angst followed.
At this point I was frustrated…with the ideas in my head and the tug of my heart.
Then I saw it….two forms, one in the same and I knew instantly where the painting was headed.
“My Beloved” mixed media on paper.
Song of Solomon 6:3
I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine

Though quite abstract, I love the marks, the energy, the tension in this painting. It connects me with the common thread in that my faith is a lot like this…marked up, full of tension, full of beauty, and so worth fighting for.  This painting  carries that message forward for me and using my gift to share that message  brings me great peace. I may not always understand the purpose of why images appear or don’t, but I do trust the message and am grateful for it. 

This experience taught me so much. It taught me that being brave is valuable, not only to me, but it helps others become brave themselves. I also learned that there is no cookie cutter version of what worship should look like. For one person hands being raised is great, for another being still in quiet prayer is perfect, and for me, letting my paint flow is the best way I connect with my faith, and that is beyond comforting. 

I am grateful to the ladies who hosted this weekend, especially Monica and Flow! Koinonia is a treasure for so many and without the nudges along the way I would have missed out on this BRAVERY!

Embrace Your Place and Go With Grace Friends!

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  1. Ria says:

    This is beautiful Ardith…your painting and your insight. Thank you for sharing…it is so awesome to know that Jesus calls us His "Beloved," and so humbling…I love the way you put into your paintings your thoughts…sometimes there just aren't words to express how deep our feelings go…but your painting says it all. Blessing my friend.

  2. Ardith Goodwin says:

    Thank you Maria! I really chose to be bold and brave with this journey and the experience was a beautiful one.

  3. Annette says:

    There is so much to be said for the loving, godly nudge of a friend. The beauty that has come from it here is worth looking at, from many angles, for a long, long time. Well done, brave one!

  4. Christine says:

    I love the color play & composition. Beautiful!

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