Guardian Angel Painting

February 20, 2013

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There are days…..
There are days I feel fragile, tired, worn.
Those days I see angels more than others.
Angels who protect, guide, comfort….
Angles who give a gentle nudge in a safe direction….
Angles who wrap their protective arms around those I love…
and hold them gently…but with unwavering strength.

There are days I see angels everywhere, around me, around you, in the dark places pushing forth the light. Today is one of those days….angels are everywhere. Today is a day I spent acknowledging the presence, the power, the gift of angels throughout my life and I thank God for them.

Many times, when a painting is started as an expression of emotion the voice of it sometimes reveals itself as I work through the layers. Other times it doesn’t come until the layers are taken apart, one, by one, by one. “Guardian Angel” is one of those mixed media collages that started out with one purpose but thanks to a higher calling, went in a new direction after I was brave enough to listen to my inner voice that said….cut it up.

I can only imagine that was an angel knowing I needed the nudge toward being brave today, even if it was as simple as being brave enough to disassemble one voice to rebuild a more beautiful one. I am guessing there is a message in this day for me, the value of being brave to let go, unravel, untangle, and then….rebuild.

May your angels be with you today and may you know they are there friends.

First Layers

Second Layers

Third through Fifth Layers

“Guardian Angel” mixed media/collage
8″ by 10″ 

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  1. Suzanne says:

    Loved your blog post on Guardian Angel Painting. Such lovely words to go with your beautiful layers. Dropping by from Flora's FB Group. 🙂

  2. Stacie says:

    Your post gave me tingles. Beautiful painting, very inspiring to see the layers develop. Hugs to you.

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