“You Are Held” Prayer Painting

February 11, 2013

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There are moments in my creative journey, when it seems to collide with my every day life, that I feel called to paint through a piece with much prayer and intent. I don’t usually know when that will happen but I always stay open to that voice, when my spirit tells me, pray as you paint. What I have come to understand about this experience is that I am not one who is able to embrace ‘worship’ like many do, but I am able to tap into that incredible faith through the gift of my art, and I am deeply humbled by that when it is called for. 

This painting didn’t start out as a prayer, in fact, it was a piece that was part of an intuitive painting project class by Flora Bowley that I am working through. She was teaching us to come to a place of peace, let the paint flow from within us, and give ourselves the freedom to listen to a voice from within that would guide the painting forward. Her class was transforming and I am grateful I had the experience of taking it. 

 From the day it was started though, I began to have loved ones pass away, friends diagnosed with cancer, loved ones in surgery and struggling with illness, and deep sadness all around me. I felt that I must simply pause, take a deep breath, and I knew this piece was meant to pray for people, not to be painted for myself. 
As I painted it, I lifted those folks up with my brushstrokes, with my thoughts, with my hopes and prayers for them. 

There are many powerful ways to pray for people in our world and painting a prayer is one I love. So for Cheryl, Christine, Loretta, Ashley, Holly and family, Nancy, Grace and family, and my beloved Uncle Dewey….my prayers go with you….and “You Are Held” is yours. 

If you are one who is a person of faith and creative, I encourage you to listen when your spirit might just say, paint through a prayer. It isn’t so much about the painting as it is the purpose, and showering those we love and adore, and those we may not know but who need to hear and see these prayers, are who we paint for. 

And if you are one who is struggling through illness or loss, know this: “You Are Held” as well, by angel armies, by those who stand in the gap and pray for you, by the one who wants nothing more than HIS very best for us. 

Peace Friends, let the love flow today! 

Here are the steps of this piece:

And it begins with collage


“You Are Held” 20″ by 20″ mixed media on board




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  1. thekathrynwheel says:

    Wow, this is really beautiful. I love all the layers.

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