Deeply Thankful

November 23, 2012

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For anyone who has lived through incredible trauma or repeatedly had to ‘overcome’ much in life I would harbor a guess that you can relate to how I feel lately….like life is too good to be true. You see, I lived so many moments not knowing how the next one would turn out, that ‘unpredictable’ became my norm. To this day I still struggle with feeling like the sky will fall despite being surrounded by beauty, magnificent blessings, and being outrageously loved, and I loathe the angst. With that said, it never prevents me from knowing, like I am breathing, how good I have it, and how so undeservedly blessed I am to live the incredible life I do. 

(That would be me sending kisses to the universe)

As I type this, the sun is dancing through the windows, with a warmth and glow that can only be described as comforting. I spent some time outside today, just sitting, breathing, listening to soulful music and taking in the moments of solitude and grace. I was acutely aware of so many who don’t have this gentle opportunity, to sit in safety, in beauty, in silence, and embrace a calm moment. With that knowing, it made me deeply thankful for the gift of today, and I said a great big thank you to the big guy upstairs for the blessing of my life, which is so fragile. 

Sitting outside had a purpose though, to give me respite from the grid so that I could jot down some thoughts, intentions, and possibilities about where I would like my artistic gifts to go. Some are obviously attainable and others are outrageous, but that is what is so perfect about creating a “Where Ya Headed” list, the sky is the limit. This list will evolve over the next few weeks and I am over the moon with what I am considering so far. 

Despite all the baking, all the family loving, friend gathering, and prayers spoken, I did manage to get three new pieces painted/finished to add to my Landmark Series. These are a bit different, in that they aren’t watercolor mixed media, they are acrylic mixed media, but I love them just the same. The “Go Jags” painting is of my beloved alma mater, Murphy High School is of the historic school my son went to, and the Bienville Square Christmas Tree will be used as my Christmas card this year! If you message me your address I would love to send you one! (

“Go Jags” 8″ by 10″ acrylic mixed media on paper

“Murphy High School” 8″ by 10″ acrylic mixed media on paper

“Bienville Square Christmas Tree” 8″ by 10″ acrylic mixed media on paper

Today, I am in love with live, ever so thankful for the opportunity to be a creative and share my love of art with you, but just as grateful for the love and support I have from you. I will always be a painter, but the fact that I get to share my art with all of you, and that even with my fruitcakish art farts, you LOVE me and my art, makes me know that I am a blessed soul….deeply blessed, deeply thankful! 

(And yes, there is Le Mannequin Piss statue just behind my head, but thankfully, he is all dried up, 😉 

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