Washed Acrylic and Leftover Palette Paintings

November 22, 2012

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Two pieces erupted today, both rather unexpectedly, and I love it when that happens. You see, most of the time I paint predictably, within constructs that I know work, so when the creative fairy or spirit or being decides to share something I am not looking for, I count it a blessing. 

This morning, I had leftover paint and chose to wipe the extra onto a mat board with a credit card. This effect is magical, but it is very easy to ‘over do’ and create mud, which is exactly what happened. Rather than chunk it, I got a bit frustrated and decided I would just wash it off, and to my amazement it worked. The ‘mud’ color washed and left the myriad of colors on the sub layer undisturbed. This, I shall do again, with intent, with excitement, and of course, I will share my process with you. 

(Before I washed this, it was the color of puke green)

Now, most of you know my color palette…bright, joyful, rainbow colors. And then there is this….

I had painted one of my Landmark Acrylic pieces and had a minimal palette of greens, black, and red left over. I also knew I didn’t want to waste the paint so I grabbed my new “Fractured” journal and let the brush flow towards a figure. What I didn’t expect was the mood, the disturbing mood that came to life on my page. Yes, it nailed the theme of my journal, but once I saw the image, it stirred in me deep emotion, yet the words wouldn’t come. I love and I hate it. It isn’t pretty, but obviously, it is part of me. So for that, I am thankful. 

Two unexpected gifts from my creative spirit today, and two processes that I will most definitely tinker with some more. As tonight closes its day, I am reminded so much at how very blessed and grateful I am to be alive, be healthy for the most part, and be adored and loved. I send ((((((thanks))))))) to all of you for cheering me on and being such great supporters. I would paint without you, but painting for you makes it all the more special! 

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