Painting With A Credit Card Class at Art(ology)

October 31, 2012

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The night was cool, the gallery was festive, and we had a grand time in the “Painting With A Credit Card” class. During the holidays, I am choosing to teach one day workshops that will give students experience with painting and mixed media techniques but not require vast amounts of skill knowledge or supplies. Students, though skeptical at first, loved the process and were quite surprised how the finished paintings were turning out. 

Here is one of the samples I used for this class. 

Here is the other. 
Gallery is all set up!
Class in action. Nancy is standing, asking questions about the process.

I love this shot of the gallery. Being surrounded by so much art is inspiring. 

Laura laying down base layer for her flower.

Laura adding more details to her sunflowers.
Yajaira laying down base layers on her two flowers.
You can see that Yajaira is adding depth using values to her flowers.
I am explaining a swipe technique to Nancy. (I am sitting)

Nancy working on her flowers, using complimentary colors.

She added a burst of white which set off the center.
Carol loved adding texture to her piece using the scratch out technique.
Although Carol isn’t quite finished, her piece is going to be gorgeous.

Phyllis painted yellow daisies which are lovely!
Before the students began to paint on canvas, they practiced stroke techniques with the credit card with acrylic on paper. These abstracts always turn out wild and great!

Carol’s abstract, looks kind of like a ship!

This class was wonderful! Art(ology) was the perfect setting for slinging paint and I can’t wait to teach another one!

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