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October 18, 2012

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I have been pondering the idea of why one smiles so much and why others might not. I shy away from my smile for two reasons: I am not fond of my butterball on a stick face and I have a chipped front tooth. Now before I get tons of emails about how I should accept myself, I actually do. I love every inch of me but I am just honest when I say the shape of my face doesn’t schmoon me at all. So, today, I thought I would complete a journal page and a collage a day tinkering with the concept of smiles and what lesson I might need to hear about them. 

” Smiles. What they conceal of protect can be the keys or gateways to the desires of the heart. When freely given, smiles are what gently cover the spirit and let us know that being alive in the moment is blissful” 

This morning, while uploading a new collage, I had started my day with laughter toward my husband, or should I say, with my husband, and smiles were all around. These moments are what I adore about life. Laughing, smiling through even the mundane like a busted water pipe. I have, at times, used a smile as cover to hide the internal angst, I think we all do, but for today, I am freely sharing smiles in hopes they will be caught on the tips of the eyes and embraced. 
You can see and read more of my One Collage at a time series here:
And if, like me, a great art class makes you smile for days, here is a link to two upcoming classes here in town that just might put a smile on your face as well! 
Hugs, Love, and Big SMILES all around friends! 

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