Intuitive Painting Within A Framework

October 7, 2012

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Intuitive painting comes easily to some and others, not so much. For me, it is pretty much how I begin all my abstracts and I enjoy connecting with that artistic spirit from within. There are times though that my intuition gets cluttered, I stop listening, I get to painting, and I go way overboard when I should have stopped hours ago. For this reason I decided to first, choose which elements I really wanted to use in creating a mixed media painting and two, stick with a specific color palette. 

Using a framework before I began turned the mental organizer on in my head but it didn’t seem to silence my creative spirit which is what I was hoping for. This morning, I set up my studio outdoors, cranked up the Indie Songwriter station on Pandora, and got my paint on. 

As the process started I made it a point to take many breaks, breathe through the process, and not rush the outcome. Within a few minutes of starting each piece I knew I would love painting this way. I could see my path, I connected with my inner child, and I ‘played’ through these pieces, which is about as much as painting nirvana as I can get. 

Below you can see the setup, a few stages of the process, and the finished five pieces. Four to five collage pieces were used on each one and painted papers as well. The framework that I gave myself is listed in this pic. Elements I love, simple enough to follow, but lots of freedom to explore color, line, pattern, and texture. I am going to paint many of this type of abstracts for a while as I tinker with more monochromatic color palettes and neutrals, which is something I struggle with and I hope to paint in this style using BIG elements, because it just lends itself to a celebration of it all on canvas or paper. 

Setting up my outdoor studio. Working in a series is easy on a round table.

Adhering collage elements and building layers.

Finished pieces drying indoors.
The titles come from a conversation I had with my hubs throughout the process. It gave me much fodder for thought and humor, 😉
“Yes Dear, You Had Your Keys This Morning.”
12″ by 6″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas, Acrylic/Collage
(Private Collection)
“No Dear, I Don’t Have Your Keys.”
12″ by 6″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas, Acrylic/Collage
(Private Collection)

“Did You Check Your Floorboard?”
12″ by 6″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas, Acrylic/Collage
(Private Collection)

“Gee, I Am Not Surprised.”
12″ by 6″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas, Acrylic/Collage
(Private Collection)

“I Love You Dear, Always.”
12″ by 6″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas, Acrylic/Collage
(Private Collection)


View of them drying after being glazed.

Intuitive painting is what I know as painting from the heart of the creative. With a bit of a framework, it freed up my spirit to spread its wings a bit and develop a specific style without being contained within a rules set. 

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  1. Shelly Penko says:

    I just love these, Ardith and I think your framework is a fantastic idea. I too usually do better with some restrictions. It's funny, but restrictions seem to make me more creative, not less. Great post!

  2. Marti Wills says:

    ardith! these are freakin amazing!!!! i use the same sort of framework approach as you do.

  3. Sadia Rehman says:

    Simply love your work

  4. Aangi Mueller says:

    Oh these are gorgeous and heart uplifting! Beautiful work. Where do you sell through?

  5. Ardith Goodwin says:

    Thank you Aangi! I have a website and am a partner in a gallery in Mobile. I sell through the gallery or online through Paypal. You can email me if you are interested in any of these, I believe they are still available.

  6. Itaya Art says:

    I love each of the paintings Ardith and love your process in creating them! They are very lovely and each seems to complement the other. Love the titles as well. 🙂

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