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June 18, 2012

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Got Art?

Love to give art away?

Love to give art away in public for random folks to find JUST FOR THE SAKE OF SHARING ART?

Then you just might want to check out Michael DeMeng’s FB group, The Art Abandonment Project. Thousands of artists from around the world are joining forces to leave art in public for people to find, as a gift from us, for no other reason than to share original works of art with the world. Now, there are a lot of projects thrown at artists all the time, but this one, this one is my kind of project because giving for the simple act of making someone’s day just makes me feel excited to be alive. 

I really spent some time thinking about this today, and the lesson I gained from it all is this: 

“Sharing one’s art is not simply the act of sharing an image. Rather, it is a glimpse into the artist’s spirit, where colors dance, line forms, and passion thrives. Sharing, to an artist, is our way of touching the world creatively and leaving our very own, beautiful mark for others to find. AG

Here is what I made after thanking God for my own gift of creativity. 

And here is where I place it, on a telephone pole close to my house. So many folks walk their dogs and kids in the afternoon and I just can’t wait to see it gone from that pole. It is one thing to spend our careers as artists trying to pay the bills. It is a totally different thing to choose to give back just because we can. I can think of no greater blessing than that. 

If you are an artist and would like to join our project, visit this link and click, “Ask to Join!” Hope to see some of your faces there soon! 

Here is a video of Michael talking about the project and his amazement of how quickly it has grown! 

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  1. whyte says:

    What a touching comment Ardith, I saw your post at the ArtAbondonment group. I'm participating as well and can't wait to post about it on my blog. I've already met such a wonderful group of caring artists there! Enjoy the journey!

  2. Sandi Holland says:

    Hi Ardith: I read about the project somewhere, and thought it was interesting. I look forward to participating, and viewing Michael's video. I'm joining your blog through Mary C. Nasser's Art Blog Hop. Have a creative day.

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