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June 16, 2012

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There are so many online art classes these days, wooohooo! Color Love 101, by artist Joanne Sharpe, is one I am taking for the next five weeks, and you are thinking….Ardith….with more color? Yep, I am in HOG FREAKIN HEAVEN with this group because it is simply a perfect way for me to play and dabble with a few new techniques while meeting some totally over the moon type of friends! 

Here is Joanne’s painting, full of life, color, and love! My kind of painting gal! You can find out about COLOR LOVIN 101 HERE! and did I mention this 5 week course is only $35?
Some of you come join me, we will have more fun than we should, but it will be grand!

Joanne has been featured in umpteen mixed media magazines and here is a snippet of bio from here blog! Although, I have just met her, by the quality of videos and classes she offers and the great feedback she gives, she is by far a “Don’t Wanna Miss Her Class” kind of artist. 
Whimsical art maker Joanne Sharpe is a colorful mixed media artist and enthusiastic teacher with a passion for art journaling, lettering, doodling and illustration. Joannes playful art has been featured in the popular publications Cloth Paper Scissors, Studios, Somerset Studio, Somerset Art Journaling and Somerset Apprentice magazines.

If you are at home and are thinking of taking an online art class I wholeheartedly suggest to start here. This fall I will be teaching two online classes that I am really excited about, “Write, Pray, Praint” and “Mixed Media Basics.” Stay tuned for details this coming week if you are even the slightest bit interested! 

Here are two pieces I have done for the class so far, can you tell we are focusing in on color? Oh, the eye candy….Hope your day is filled with beauty as well friends! 

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  1. Nickalli says:

    Love your blog! I too am having so much fun in this class – I will be stalking you and look forward to seeing what your upcoming classes are all about! :0)

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