Sydney’s Prayer Painting

June 7, 2012

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To me, art can be so much more than a pretty picture. Words carry power with them just as much as an image and on certain occasions I choose to combine both to create a gift that is much more than an object. Rather, it is a combination of time I spent in celebration of a life, in celebration of a goal met, in celebration of the spirit receiving the gift. 

The painting, “Sydney’s Party Dress” is one of those, and I call them “Prayer Paintings” because rather than include a card with the gift, I actually spend time praying for this person and write the prayer on the paper before I begin painting. 

Including the prayer, or a poem, or a written verse is my way of sending with them the words within the painting so that when they look at it, they see it as a much deeper gift, a message of love per se. Sydney was one of the gifted beloveds I was fortunate to home school teach in creative writing and it has been a joy watching her grow into a beautiful young lady. She is a bright light in this world, with a passion for the needy, and a humongous heart for others. These qualities I admire in her and wish to celebrate. 

Here, the prayer I said for her is written along with a generous layer of intense color because that is how I see her, full of color, full of life, full of joy. 

The completed painting had to include the color green because I know it is one of her favorites and the image of the girl in this piece represents the whimsical life of a child, carefree, full of wonder, full of desire. Celebrating Sydney’s accomplishment for me, is a meaningful opportunity to use my talent in a way to give back. It shows her how proud I am of a job well done, and how much I value her as a person. ((((((Big Hugs)))) to you Sydney, may you always embrace the life that God intends for you! 

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