HandMade Watercolor Art Journal and the Perfect View

June 2, 2012

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Somewhere between the dream of a perfect studio and the frustration of not exactly having one right about now gave me some new insight today in just how good I have it. Yep, there are artists who paint in about 4 square feet, some only have a milk crate with supplies, and some simply have to paint outside with their belongings in a bag….but they do it, and they do it well. Then there are those who have million dollar studios and ones where every wall, nook, and cranny matches as if a fashion designer whipped it out. Then…there is me, somewhere in between all of that my kitchen table has become my Nirvana. 

As I sat editing some work for a bit the sunlight began to peer in ever so gently and it illuminated my paints as if it wanted to try its own hand at a masterpiece. Over to my left, the sun ray caught a glass diamond which sits in testament to the magnificent iridescent moth perched in perfect form inside a glass case. The wall of windows showcases the myriad hues of green and the occasional Bluebird flits by, always followed by the Mockingbird in haste.  In essence, I have a gorgeous ‘spot’ to create in and I am blessed beyond measure. Cleaning it up each day is simply a no brainer, so I won’t whine. This was the second part of the lesson I was to learn today. It wasn’t about moaning over what I wish or don’t have, it was claiming the POTENTIAL of the day and being content in this very moment. 

Days like this are important for me. They make me pause, look at where I am and realize, I could have it no better and I say a prayer of gratitude to the big guy upstairs for giving me a life I don’t deserve. My art journal page was a celebration of the word POTENTIAL today. I spent some time enjoying knowing that I am surrounded by it, every day. The potential to create, to breathe, to love, to wonder, to discover, to give, to share, to experience….all of these make for viewing this day in a perfect light. 

Yesterday I joined Tamara Laporte’s Lifebook Online Mixed Media Class! It is a year long celebration of all things mixed media and since I am joining a few months late I knew I would have a lot of catching up to do. I also knew the perfect journal I would use, an over sized Handmade watercolor journal. 

I use a small one of these for my weekly journal, but for this project, and those to come, I wanted a larger canvas to work with and this book is about as yummy to me as butter is to Paula Deen. It’s an 11″ by 15″ book of pure POTENTIAL and I can’t wait to begin filling that baby up. 

(You can get this at Hobby Lobby. It runs $30 but if you use the coupon you can get it for 40% off, and for a huge handmade watercolor journal, you can’t beat that price. This paper is also extremely porous, so if you plan to use it just for watercolor, you might want to coat the pages with gesso or ground first. If you are a sketcher/doodler/drawer, then it is perfect.)


Tomorrow I will be down at Art(ology) and am tinkering with the idea of hosting a public Google+ hangout for a painting demonstration. That has tons of POTENTIAL as well. I do hope your evening is blessed, that you were able to create in some capacity, or at least dream of it. Peace friends! 

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  1. Mental Magician says:

    What a gorgeous work area! I haven't used a Handmade brand journal but am now intrigued.

  2. Ila East says:

    I'm late as usual, but I think it would be great to join a hangout with you and watch you create.

  3. Jessica says:

    I have a few of these punjab watercolor books and like them, except the paper tends to "peel" or get mushy if it gets wet, and not even very wet. You suggested gesso: would the surface still retain the absorbancy that is unique to watercolor? I'll give it a try after my last piece dries… (first in tus new book.)

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