Painting Fine Art for Children

May 29, 2012

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Sea oats and magnolia leaves are great fodder for some artists but not for me. My imagination is just too much off the chain for that so I opt, many times, for painting the weird, the wacky, the lovely, and kids love it! This piece, “Is That You Bob Marley?” is one that would inspire wonder, questions, and make a child think. That type of art is powerful to have and expose children to because it takes them from ordinary to the imaginative extraordinary. As a child, children’s illustrations fascinated me and the weirder ones always got my attention. 

I could always say, it started with a door, a flag, and a rabbit, 😉 

Patterned, painted gesso paper, watercolor crayons, pencils, graphite, and diluted white acrylic. 

Up close detail, you can see the patterns well here.

It did start with a door, a flag, and a rabbit.

I am healing well enough to graduate from the bed to the table!

Oh, is it him or not? 

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  1. Ila East says:

    I love that you can paint like this. I just wish I didn't want to be such a literal painter. I want everything to look as real as possible and I just can't paint like that. Striving to do the impossible. Thanks again for posting your art.

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