Acrylic Skin Magnets

May 4, 2012

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I often use a glass palette when using acrylic paints and every few years it is time to peel the skin from the glass. This year I decided to use the skins to make bottle cap magnets, which would be a remembrance of the various paintings I have made over the past two years. 

First step is to pull the skin from the glass. 

Here is a large skin, you can see the gorgeous colors that the glass reveals on the skin. 

After the skin is pulled, I place a gel thumbprint (that’s what I call them) onto the skin and cut around it. This makes the painting look like it is covered in epoxy. 

I then glue the thumbprint, back side down, into the bottle cap and place a magnet on the back. 

These magnets turn out gorgeous and are really simple to do. 

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  1. Ila East says:

    Is your glass palette made for that use or do you just use a piece of glass? Either way, you have given me an idea. I usually use throw away plastic picnic plates. Just never occurred to me that once the paint is dry you could add wet paint on top and keep going.

    I don't hold a palette, so knocking off the edges of the glass and using it would would great. I figure you also smooth out the leftover paint when you plan to let it dry so that when you add wet paint on top it will be easier to mix, etc.

  2. Ardith Goodwin says:

    Hey Ila and thanks for stopping by. I actually use a regular piece of glass, but I don't travel with it, only use it at home. I actually am planning to order a new one from a local glass shop that will have rounded, buffed edges. My edges don't bother me to much, but I figure better safe than sorry. I also don't spread my paint out, just let it dry and use it again but I love your idea and thought process for doing so and plan to spread it out next time as I think it will aid in mixing and spreading. I prefer a glass palette to others, especially plastic plates but I use both. Let me know if you try and and what you think.

  3. Julie Hutchinson says:

    So glad I found your blog. Only seen the latest page and very excited and inspired (could be the coffee).

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