The Inspiration of Turquoise and Pink

April 20, 2012

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What can I say….I love the two colors of Turquoise and Pink, especially together. They bring me images of the translucence of the ocean, calming thoughts of innocent beauty, and the feeling that I can just breathe in the moment when I look at them. This little pic is one that caught my eye today and the addition of Alice made it all the more spectacular. I shall be inspired to paint a new piece with my two favorite colors, and then I wonder, what color combinations are your favorite? As an artist, I use my eye to become hyper sensitive when I see these colors hidden throughout my day. Training the eye to see artistically takes practice but the more one does it, the easier it becomes. Beauty surrounds me today, as I sit and know just how blessed I am to be right where I am in this moment, living the artistic life I don’t deserve, but am truly thankful for. I hope your day is just as beautiful friend!

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