New Year, New Month, New Day!

February 9, 2011

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2011 came in quite subtle for me. Usually, I would set some goals, make some new resolutions, blah, blah, blah, but this year…..I simply let it happen. What I found was that without all the expectations I place on myself, letting life happen turned out to be one of the best ways for me to start this year, this month, this day. I actually gave myself permission to let those things go and simply approach each day as new…’s been really liberating, to say the least. Now, I wish I could say I am on top of the world and such but no……I am blessed though. Blessed is good, really, really, good, 🙂
Without the whine…and cheese, I have been struggling with the crud, a cold, or something, and haven’t felt great.  It seems to have found a way to completely zap my energy and for 5 weeks now it has gotten old, as old as the penicillin growing in my fridge. I have been collaging through it, writing through it (in my journal), but I haven’t felt up to sharing, at least not on the web. I won’t apologize for not posting though because I am a firm believer that if your ability or your spirit doesn’t lead you to something, then don’t go. So I have stayed, alone with my thoughts, my art, my ideas, and the quiet time has been calming. My friends though, have been such a wonderful layer of support and entertainment, which I am most grateful for. 
So, today, despite the sky covering us in a cold and gloomy mood, I am choosing to begin a new painting, work on some collages, and take the time to breathe in God, and breath out, everything else. For me, for today, it’s what I need, and taking care of me is all too important these days. My prayers, my thoughts, my smiles throughout the days have been with you all and I hope it finds you well. May you too, take some time, to renew yourself in which ever way seems best! Hopefully……art might just fit in some too!

Here is step one of the new piece I am working on. It’s a slow process…..may even have to call this one, “Patience.”
Step one, transfers from a Biology text, when the paper layer is removed

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