Spreading Christmas Cheer!

December 12, 2010

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Collage a Day Series

As I sit here typing, peering out the window between the sunflakes, I see the power of the wind and how it seems to make nature dance with reckless abandon. At times, I hear a limb knock the house, reminding me that even the trees like to say hello on occasion. Overall, despite the cold, today I am surrounded by beauty and I am most grateful. Holidays are a mixed blessing for me. I love them….and I loathe them. 

There are reasons I do both, and I would not be true to myself if I simply marched through the holidays with a perky face. In fact, there are moments I could completely channel Scrooge in all his glory. But, they are few, thankfully, and I work hard at breathing through these days, counting my blessings, and choosing to be content despite feelings. That can be hard…..the contentment, but it’s a work in progress, sometimes in five minute increments. 

Art is a gift in my life. My ability to create it, but most of all share it, is precious to me. The friends I have met in the art world are the ornaments on my tree you could say, each one unique and brilliant. So, I find myself in a mood to spread some Christmas cheer with you all. My Collage a Day series is coming along nicely. Much has been revealed to me about my passion for collage, my ideas about life, and my willingness to share with others through this series. Today, on my fanpage on Facebook, I decided to ask my fans to share a Christmas memory on my post, and at 4pm, I will be giving a collage away. To me, that’s what Christmas is all about, the giving, the sharing of love with others. Hopefully, whoever receives it will pay it forward as well.

For those of you who find these days a struggle, my thoughts are with you, and my prayers. As the wind blows today, I pray it blows blessings, positive change, and health your way as well.

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  1. Terri says:

    I do love your honesty! Be blessed!!

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