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November 24, 2010

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This is one of my collages from my Collage a Day series, You can read more about these here:Collage A Day

Well folks, I had a blog written for today…..had worked about an hour on it, all filled with gratitude and fru fru fluffy stuff for the holidays, but……after I walked away before hitting publish and came back to it….I HATED IT. It was strange, because I pretty much feel that HATE is one of those words I choose to use only on special occasions…..but there it is….I HATED IT. Here, you get the one I was meant to write…..the one I LOVE!

In this moment, regardless of what chaos surrounds me, 
In this moment, regardless of my self doubt, I choose to
In this moment, regardless of my pain, 
In this moment, regardless of my fears, 

And because I know the edgier side of my personality longs for some face time:

Life is short – make another pile!  (That’s a nod for all of you, like me, who have piles around your house that seem to be growing their own personalities and becoming family members)

Happy Thanksgiving dear ones…..I LOVE YOU, love your support, love your comments, love the fact that little ol me is able to share my art with all of you! ((((((((Turkey Hugs))))))))))))

St. Louis Cathedral in N. O., see my entire Landmark Series HERE

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  1. violette says:

    what a lovely post. Happy thanksgiving to you…..blessings.
    Oh…i love your art too! 🙂

    Love, VIolette
    p.s. we had our thanksgiving in Oct. (canadian)

  2. marsha says:

    I love your wit!!! Life is good!!! Please get rid of the pic of the picture of the gallery and replace it with the repainted version? I have some good news to share, call me when you get a chance after turkey day!

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