I Love Making a Collage a Day!

October 12, 2010

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Many friends of mine actually work towards creating a painting a day, which after much attempts at it, I found hard to get done. Yes, I do paint often, but actually painting every day was difficult and I began to marvel at their fortitude in getting it done. Then comes along a fellow artist who for the past several years has made a COLLAGE A DAY! Yep folks, cut and past every day, and that blew me away.  Not because of the creativity factor, but because as we collage lovers know, it’s messy and totally can take over your house. Randal Plowman was managing to create one every day, which meant he had to be uber organized or something…..and I foamed at the mouth in envy.

This got me thinking….could I do it….should I do it…..so I tried it, without telling anyone, to prove to myself that I would be able to stick with it before I announced to the world that I was making a collage a day. Guess what?….I LOVE IT! Yes, I had to get super organized and have a plan, but the timing of it all seemed to fall into place. Not only did I enjoy starting the day with a quiet meditation, to talk with the big guy upstairs, but I decided to combine it with my collage making and then blog about each one. So, my blog, Ardith’s Collage a Day was born and I did I tell you…..I LOVE IT?

Because of my back and neck issues, painting or creating anything big is really difficult. Each collage a day is only a 4″ by 4″ so that tiny size makes it much easier on my pain level. I also have realized how much more creative I am in my other work, because being disciplined about making one a day has enhanced my creativity. What’s more, I love, love, love to combine art and writing, you all know that, so blogging about each one makes that the perfect marriage. Here are a few of my collages with links to their blogs. If you know a few of your friends who are blog followers, feel free to share, I love the feedback from you folks. 

BEST OF ALL……if you become a follower of this blog, my daily collage blog, or my Found Baby blog….I will send you a coupon worth 25% off any piece of original art! How cool is that???? Because you are a huge part of what keeps me going!

Living and artistic life is a choice….seek out the beauty in yours, 🙂

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