How Do You Start Your Day?

September 2, 2010

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Biological clocks fascinate me a bit. It doesn’t matter how tired I am, at 7am my internal clock goes off with a bing and a bang! I could lay there and fight it, but it does me no good. Rolling out of bed to brew the cup of Joe that I have only come to appreciate in this last year, is a pattern I have found myself in, and can I share a secret? I LOVE it!
Not the coffee, that is more of a ‘like’, but the routine, of waking, seeing a new day with all its possibilities, and embracing it thoughtfully, quietly, makes my spirit content. Often I pray, often I read through my art journal, often I write down my thoughts, but ALWAYS I breathe. I breathe deeply and slowly. I breathe in God and out everything else. I breathe in courage and out fear. I breathe in peace and out drama. I breathe in the love I have for my hubs and family, and breathe out love into the world. And then I step forward into my day. 
So tell me….how do you start yours?

And as always, I must include art into my day so this morning, after all my breathing and drinking Joe, the beauty of the ivy that surrounded me made me think. God must love green, in fact, I wonder if it’s his favorite color. But, it’s not mine, and I couldn’t leave well enough alone. A wild hair got the better of me and I chose  to give one green leaf a little “personality”. Even bugs and critters and birds need a little art in their world too, so I gave them some. May your day be filled with beauty today, even in the darkest moments.

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