New Work and the Nature of God, What a loaded topic!

October 15, 2009

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Ideas for painting have been coming in by the droves lately. I am grateful, but for some artists that can be overwhelming and they tend to shut down because of creativity overload. Thankfully, that hasn’t happened this time and I have been pleased with my new works, although the journey to paint them hasn’t been easy by any means. Most all my blog followers know my lower back has issues. Well, my whole spine has issues and that, for what ever reason, is the revelation that it seems to be the season for back issues. I had been able to deal with my neck pain for the past few years because my lumbar was so bad, but since I have been painting, it has royally screwed up the disc in my neck and now painting has become a mountain to climb. I don’t mind mountains, I am just a bit peeved lately at how many I have been asked to climb. I feel guilty even writing that, but it’s honestly how I feel in this moment. You see, my painting has brought me sanity the past few months. I have seen it touch people, I have seen God use it to reach others, and I have seen it light up the faces of many who need a little bit of light in their worlds. Flat out, I won’t give it up at this point until my arm is completely numb and I am going to claim that this too shall pass so I can paint on. I have pretty much flushed, got off my pity pot, and am choosing to embrace joy from this point on, and I wanted to leave you with the thought of me *grinning from ear to ear* despite the mountain.

As to the nature of God comment. There will be a blog coming up completely devoted to that topic but this came up in conversation this week and for once, when asked, I knew the answer like I was breathing. I couldn’t have answered it quickly a year ago, but the other day I did. For me, the true nature of God is this: He desires an intimate, daily relationship with us to share His grace and love with us so that we can share it with others. That’s not complicated for me to get, it’s not waxing philosophical, it’s just what he has shown me. It’s not tied to being religious, being right or wrong, it’s simply the understanding the God adores us and wants to share our moments. Then we are free to share them with others and well…..the world can change that way, one person at a time can’t it? Ok, off my soap box for now :). I have a fan page on Facebook, The Artwork of Ardith Goodwin. If you are a FB peep, join it, I would love to share this walk with you. Hope you all like my new works. God’s Peace, Love, and my hope that you know you are fabulous!
Here are a couple of new pieces that I have been able to work on.

Almost forgot! The library painting I did, “Love Reading, Love the World” got honorable mention in the show. The quality of the work was so good, that I was thrilled just to be juried in. If you get by the Grelot library before Dec. 4, go upstairs and see the show, it’s one not to miss.

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