Thins are finally looking up!

March 1, 2009

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Things are finally looking up, knock on wood. I passed my second immunology test which means I only need to pass the 3rd one on March 10th to be out of the woods and that looks like it will happen. My strength is slowyly returning and I am hopeful tha I can begin outpatient PT this next week so I can finally get out of the house some. I lost so much muscle mass in my right leg from the pneumonia, that Dr. Pearsal put me in a locking leg brace for 6 months or unitl my quads are the same size as my left leg. I wasn’t thrilled to do that but I had to protect my partial knee replacement from blowing out so it simply motivated me to work harder to get out of that thing. As anyone knows who has had orthopedic surgeries, it much easier to lose muscle mass than it is to gain it. I’ll keep plugging away at it though. I did have to pull out of the gallery from downtown, and I miss all of the members a lot. I just couldn’t do it right now with being sick but I do hope to join eventually. My sister, Nancy Condon, along with her husband Elliott, opened ESC Seafood in Semmes right behind CVS at McRary and Hwy 98. My paintings are hanging in her shope and look great. They have the best seafood prices in town, and I’m not just being biased, I actually shopped around. If you are in Semmes, stop by and tell her I sent you. Well, I’ve sat too long, I’ll keep all of you updated and thanks to all who have commented or emailed me personally, it means a lot and lifts my spirits to hear from you. I’ll post some pics of her shop when I learn how to get them off my blackberry. Peace, Ardith (I’m reading “The Homecoming”, by John Bradshaw, for those of you who still have a wounded inner child, like me, it is a must read!)

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