My 3 month knee check up

September 9, 2007

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This pic was sent to my by someone who forgot to give
credit to the artist, I love her/his work and would say
bravo if I knew who painted this, it caputres my mood
lately to the T!

I just had my 3 month knee check up after my partial knee replacement and all is well. My doctor was thrilled with my lack of pain and my range of motion in my knee and couldn’t be happier. We were all worried at first because my joint locked up after surgery and out of my 18 surgeries this was by far the most painful and difficult to rehab, but 3 months later I at least feel like I have a new knee. Most people still don’t get the ‘partial knee replacement’ but my doctor said that it is sort of never done and that’s why. Would I suggest others have this surgery? If you live with arthritis under the patella only and have tried everything else go for it, I have never felt as good with a surgery as I do this one. As for going back to work and being able to function, that’s a whole other story. If my knee were my only issue I would be fine, but the back issues along with the arachnoiditis and being on my feet all day are making this return quite difficult. I am looking at working from an electric wheel chair and am not sure I like this idea but if it helps me stay employed this year and saves my back/leg issues then I’m ok. I miss the art world now that I am trying to teach again, when I catch up I hope to start on a new piece. To all those suffering with ailments I wish you comfort and peace. A

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Most people are aware of the total knee replacement surgery. This involves replacing the unhealthy surface of the entire knee joint with metal and plastic implants. It is a very successful operation with good long term results. However a large percentage of patients have arthritis limited to one part of the joint alone. Replacing the whole joint in these patients is overkill and unnecessary.Many middle aged men and women develop osteoarthritis of the knee. Osteoarthritis of the knee affects the inner half or medial compartment to start with and then proceeds to affect the outer half or lateral compartment.
    In this operation only that part of the knee, which is unhealthy, is replaced. The normal surfaces are left alone. This operation has several advantages over total knee replacement surgery.It can be done through a very small incision.
    It is minimally invasive and hence tissue damage is far less. The patient gets complete pain relief and the implant lasts long The knee feels more natural as ligaments are preserved Range of movement is full and it allows squatting and sitting crosslegged Post operative hospitalization is reduced and return to normal is much faster than total knee replacement surgery. Dr. Kaushal Malhan is a Joint Replacement and sports surgeon at the Wockhardt hospital. He was the first surgeon in India to do the mobile bearing oxford unicompartmental knee replacement and has been in the forefront in the field of full bending knee replacement surgery. Please visit the link below to read the experiences of
    the international patients.

  2. Dr.Vijay says:

    Dr. Cory Foulk has the following to say in a e-mail dated 21st dec 05


    Dr .William Cory Foulk. From the
    United States of America (USA)
    is a Ironman Triathlon competitor. He participated in the European Triathlon Competition held in Frankfurt in July 2006 seven months Post Hip Resurfacing Surgery in ARCH, Chennai. Some of the pictures from the competition can be viewed below.
    The World Championships is held in Kailua Kona, Hawaii each October. This was the third Ironman distance triathlon I attempted this year (post-op); I failed to finish the first in July due to dehydration (that was in Frankfurt, Germany, and is the European Championship) but had a very good bike and a pretty good run going. The second was in Honolulu, Hawaii two weeks later, in August 2006, and I not only finished but won my division and qualified for the World Championships.

    The hip is significantly better than it has been for years – absolutely no pain, a much better range of motion – as you can see from the cycling photo, you have to bring your knee to your chest 80 times per minute – for 6 hours! I am noticing much better power as the tendons seem to finally be recovering from years of chaffing across that joint. Great news!

    I have been invited to compete in the Ultraman World Championships the last weekend of November, and expect to place in the top ten overall in that event, which is longer then a regular Ironman triathlon. I feel confident that I will be on equal footing with the other competitors throughout.

    Thank you again for your efforts in getting me here, Aloha, Cory.


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