Physical pain is the pits!

May 16, 2007

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Well, I haven’t felt well lately. My knee is doing better, still rehabing as best I can, which is slow, but still making progress. My Arachnoiditis has flarred and it is quite difficult to deal with. The only thing I have done differently is increasing my excersices for my knee, but that’s just the nature of have that spinal disorder on top of degenerative disc disease. My headaches have increased as well, and I feel that it’s because of the rupture in my neck. That alone makes doing any painting or normal activities difficult. I mentally manage my pain well, but at times get quite discouraged when it’s really bad and I have to take my really strong pain meds. That’s no way to live for anyone and I just have to work through it and not lose my mind. School will be out in 2 weeks so I am looking foward to having James and Bill around more often, I miss those nuts during the day. I’ll try and catch up later on any art I’m doing but for today I’m just able to rest and take it easy. For those of you who are artists struggling with pain issues, mentally or physically, I wish you the best, hang in there, it will pass. Ardith

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  1. Trine says:

    I really hope it has improved by now. All joint or -itis problems brings such demoralizing pains.

    As you say, it will pass or at least go into a better period for a time. I hope for that for you today and may that good period last you a long time.

    Positive health vibes sent from me

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