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April 30, 2007

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Moment of Joy

Electric Goddess of the Sea

Spiral Luminosity II

Spiral Luminosity I

In the Shallows II

In the Shallows I

Converging Lines

Wow, I have tried to catch up with my ATC project cards and feel like I have made some progress. Several of these I created as pairs working with some new techniques with my abstracts that I may use for larger pieces. After my abstracts I decided to go a bit whimsical which was a lot of fun. If I am adding correctly, I may be down to 6 more to go, or so which is a much more workable number. I do want to give everyone an update on my knee sugery. So far, I have NO pain in the knee, which is sooooo wierd, but wonderful. I still have swelling issues, but am working those out in the pool at the YMCA, and my PT and I are agressively working towards progress. He told me it would be up to a year to be back to “normal” if there is such a thing for me, so until then I am thrilled with no crunch and no pain. I am finding a knock and pop in my hip, which I have had, but I think the extra excercises are flaring that up, at least I hope it’s just a flare. I am excited about the prospect of healing and having a much stronger leg, which will help my foot drop not be so much of an issue. I’ll keep you posted! A

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  1. Trine says:

    I got the convergin lines Jippiiiii. And let me tell you folks, it is much much more beautiful “live” and it has a nice kind of textured feel.

    Ardith you made my day when I saw this post; the mixture of different subject matter, the wonderful explorations of In the Shallows and the fun topics. I sometimes feel I am weird for experimenting like that so it is nice to see such an experienced artist like you do the same.

  2. Anonymous says:


    I, too, have just had partial knee replacement surgery. I was looking for blogs to find out about how long rehab will take, and what I should expect. Most accounts I have come across on the web were so not real that I had almost given up until I came to yours. Mostly I had read that after partial repklacement, that I would be out of the hospital that same night as surgery (Oh so not true), pain would be much less (maybe, but still quite painful), and that rehab time would be a snap (Not quite).
    Your recovery seems to match mine a bit, so thank you for making me see I was not a complete wimp.
    My surgery was 2 1/2 weeks ago. I am now pretty much walking without my cane. I am still having PT come to my house. He’s great, and I jokingly call him the tortureman. I think starting next week, I can go to an out patient place. The biggest deal for me has been the length of time recovery has taken. I naturally decided that if I worked hard at rebuilding muscle and stretching that I would be goood as new by now. Oh, so not true. I do see samll improvements daily, and some days I backslide a little. Today is one of those days. I guess I walked a little too far yesterday. I am a very type A person, independent, and a generally go-getter person. So, I guess inpatience comes naturally.
    I know I should have much less pain in about a week.
    Thanks to you I have a more realistic perspective of my recovery.
    Thanks you from the very bottom of my heart (and KNEE).
    Lynda Phillips

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