Partial Knee Replacement was a huge success!

March 27, 2007

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Finally, after waiting over 4 months for the sugery to take place I had my knee surgery, or PFR, which stands for PatellaFemoral Replacement. The pic above shows the implant on the femur, but the two screws were from a prior sugery which was an Osteotomy of my tibia. On another view, you can see the disc inside my patella, which will fit right on top of this round part, but I didn’t post that picture. I have had 18 surgeries in all, and this has been the most frustrating by far. To start with, I came home to soon from the hospital and didn’t get my pain undercontrol which affected my range of motion, and then I forgot that I wouldn’t be driving for 3-4 weeks, which has me pulling my hair out. The sugery itself went great! It was the first of it’s kind done in Mobile, because for one, this type of knee replacement isn’t really done much, and second, it was a custom implant, built to fit my knee only. I am psyched thought because the statistical outcome his high for success and already I have no pain in the knee where it was. YAHOO! If you are thinking about having knee surgery though I would highly recommend staying in the hospital much longer than 24 hours and possibly going to Rotary Rehab to make your surgery the most successful it can be. My home health has sent my a great phyiscal therapist and she has motivated me to make great progress in the past 2 weeks, thanks Jeannie! So, I am still not sitting for long periods of time and wanted to give you all an update. As for the art world, I am one of four artists in the April show of Earth Tones, on the 13th at the Cathedral Square Gallery in Mobile during April, and I am attending the awards banquet for the VSA Arts Show in Birmingham on April 17th. (Cross your fingers!) I’ll keep you in tune as to the knee progress and what art is going on. Once I cross this hurdle it clears the way to possibly return to teach in the fall, but we’ll see. Peace, and God Bless! Ardith

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  1. Shannon R. says:

    Best wishes for a quick, full recovery! I’ve been postponing TKR in both knees for years. Keeping fingers crossed that you are back in the saddle completely very soon! 🙂

  2. Brita says:

    People should read this.

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