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January 22, 2007

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I have joined my first project at WetCanvas and it appears to be an exciting one. We will be creating 24 2.5″ by 3.5″ art cards to swap and send all over the world, which is simply too cool. I cut my cards today and cleaned off my table to get my ducks in a row, but I am not sure what I will paint. I’ll try and keep you posted as to my progress here and you can also visit to see what others are painting as well. I feel a bit better today, but realize I can’t spend as much time sitting in one position or looking down with my neck. Once again I have to adapt because of my body, but I just keep thinking about people who have lost limbs or are wheelchair bound for life. That keeps things in perspective for me. If you believe the news, then it’s supposed to be the saddest day of the year for most people. It’s not to me, too much to be thankful for I’d say. I’ve got the best husband in the world and a really phenonomal 15 year old son, so today, I am blessed, hope you are too! Peace, A

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  1. ACEO's By Rose says:


    Your son looks like a very caring and wonderful guy… you are adorable too! So sorry to hear about your disabilities. My husband’s back is totally out of whack but he doesn’t want to go for the surgery as our kids are 8 and 12 and he doesn’t want to risk it. My sister had back surgery but took a long while to recover and she still can’t work. I do honor and look up to people like you who can take lemons and make lemonade. Thanks for joining WC and for becoming part of my ATC Project… your work is stunning and you are and incredible woman! Keep smiling, it’s a very pretty one! You sound like you have a great family to keep you going too. I love your work and can’t wait till you get to I (IrishRose). 🙂

    Love and blessings always,

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