WetCanvas is such a great website for artists!

January 20, 2007

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I have joined WetCanvas.com this past week and so far it is turning out to be a wonderful resource for me. I have talked with a lot of the artists, especially in the watercolor forum and they range from experts to beginners. Several of them are also struggling with disablitiy issues and that’s important to me so that I don’t feel alone out here. I am trying to decide which paintings to enter into the VSA juried show in Birmingham this next month. I’ve never entered that show and am not sure what I will do at this point. I was hoping to paint something new, but that hasn’t come to fruition for several reasons. Hopefully, I will make up my mind soon. In the meantime, if you are an artist of any type, you might want to visit www.wetcanvas.com and check it out. They have a wonderful collection of reference photos to use as well as projects and critique forums. I just love it. This photo is one of my new rose photographs, they were stunning and I hope I captured that. Until next time….Ardith

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