The tree is gone, HOORAY!

January 16, 2007

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Yes, it’s happened, our tree is no more! My husband and son helped take it down and upon realizing that a few branches had been tied up by thread, my husband said that next year a bit of duct tape might work better. I almost swallowed my tongue when he said it. I had hoped to give this tree a proper funeral, but, no, it appears we will have another chapter next year in the tree saga so stay tuned in about 11 months or so.
My knee surgery will be in about 5 weeks. My surgeon was not too happy with the manufacturer because they said it would take up to 9 weeks to get my prosthesis ready, and he just wasn’t having it. He got them down to 6 weeks and I am not holding my breath. We would have gone to plan B, but this procedure will be such a perfect fit and plan for me that I was willing to wait and be patient. In the meantime I don’t go anywhere without my cane or walker and am careful with that.
As for painting, I am working on finishing a piece this week. After having the stomach flu at Christmas, and two falls during the past month, I have not felt up to painting anything. I also had a flare with my Arachnoiditis which makes just plain living miserable, so I am breathing a bit easier being past that for now. I am also trying to get a few paintings ready to enter the VSA Arts show in Birmingham for the first time this year. That I am looking forward to most of all because it’s an art show with other artists with disabilities. Some great friends re-hung my art space down at the gallery this past month and I am so greatful to them. Artists may be stereotyped as fruitcakes sometimes, but I know they are some of the nicest, friendlist people you could ever know and I am blessed to be a part of the art scene in Mobile. I was able to take some photos of some fabulous roses as part of my photography series. Hope you like this pic as much as I do. Peace!

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