Happy New Year and the Tree Saga Continues!

January 12, 2007

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“Face Me”

Well, it’s been almost a month since my last post so I hope each of you had a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, and are still having a fabulous New Year! All is swell here, for the most part, and I am enjoying the quiet peacefulness of a new year after a really great, but hectic Christmas. As for the tree, and I know some of you have asked about it, it’s still up. Yes, I said it’s still up and yes I know it’s January 11th. I asked my husband tonight if he thought we were the only ones left with a tree still decorated and still standing, of course he said yes. I’ve even joked that maybe we could just put Mardi Gras stuff on it, then put a few Valentines hearts and maybe some Easter Eggs, but the humor went right in one of his ears and out the other, because I really think he thought I was serious. Actually there are two reasons my tree still stands in all her glory. One, because I fought with that blessed tree all by myself, lighted it, decorated it, and by golly if I am going to take it down all by myself. And two, I fell, again last week, and just haven’t felt up to doing it. So, the stubborn side of me shall wait until my two lovely guys get so sick of it that they will OFFER to help me and hopefully by then I will feel like doing it. Until then, because the switch it linked with the lamps in our living room, every time we turn on the lamp the tree shines in all her glory, right out the window for all the world to see and wonder, why on earth hasn’t those crazy people taken down their tree? I truly expect someone to call on to Sound Off in our local paper and complain, so I watch for that daily as well. In the meantime, as I drive past all the dead, brown, baby trees that people spent way too much for and now line the streets with to be picked up by the trash pickers I wonder how different the world would be if we all used artificial trees instead of real ones. I know, I love real ones too, but it seems like such a waste of such beautiful trees in my opinion. I’m thinking about really hard about getting an old limb, spraying it white, and putting cotton on the branches next year. No kidding, my mom did that one year for us and it was the most unique tree anyone had ever seen, wierd, but unique. So, when it comes down I will for sure fill you in on all the details. As for painting, I haven’t felt like doing any. It’s a slump I say, but when your back and neck and leg hurt all the time, sometimes it gets the better of me and I have to just stop. Hopefully, a new year will bring that to an end and I will be able to catch up some. Peace to all of you, A.

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