The Christmas Tree Saga Continues

December 14, 2006

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A friend sent me a bunch of Christmas pics that were hilarious! I just loved this one and wanted to post it with the artists credit at the bottom of the pic. For those of you following my tree saga, it continues. After a few days of uneventful beauty one of the branches held up by bits of thread decided to go for a joy ride, away from the tree! Needless to say, it caused a bit of a mess, a droop, a big ol’ fat hole in the middle of the tree, which of course I had to re-tie, but all is well, for now. Sometimes I think those little elves are actually invisible little tree fairies laughing their heads off at all of us humans who actually believe spending hours on end decorating a tree that might only stay up at the most a few weeks and spending even more time taking it down only to get frustrated in the nightmare of lights, dead needles, and sap, or, if you have an artificial one like mine, trying to take it apart and keep the branches in tact. It’s just plum crazy and those little tree freaks are laughing their heads off, I just know it! I think next year, I’ll just paint a tree on canvas and hang my painting where the tree stands. No fuss, no mess, no ready-make-me-pull-my-hair-out branches, and I’ll even hang a small strand of lights around the frame for the fun of it. That sounds like a million dollar idea to me.
Today, for the first time this year I got my polymer clay out. I was able to make a few, new ornaments, for the crazy tree, a couple of pens, and string up a lot of the Natasha Beads I made last year. They actually turned out quite well and I was pleased that I finally found a use for my beads. If you don’t know what a Natasha bead looks like I’ll attach a picture so it makes more sense. They are the coolest things since sliced bread I think.
For those of you o
ut there that can relate to having a rather larger than you’d prefer behind, I found out the hard way that the importance, yes, importance, of having too much junk in the trunk! We have a sunken living room, and the other morning I was standing on the top step getting ready to bend down when my knee buckeled, sent me flying off that step and landed two steps down on our split brick floor, right on my hip, butt, leg, etc. It was early, our bedroom door was closed, and all I could think of was that nutty commercial of the old lady who had fallen and couldn’t get up. Yes, it happened, I fell and could not, at least for a while, get up, and no it wasn’t funny, at least at first. I hooped, hollered, screamed at the dog, but to no avail, I had fallen and couldn’t get up. Between the severe pain I was trying hard not to laugh because I am way too guilty for making fun of that commercial, even in my pitiful condition, and boy, did I learn never to laugh at being infirmed. When I came up for air I was able to get up, crawl to the bedroom, and really worried that I had broken my hip, but little by little, I could move it. We won’t even go into what Bill said, repeatedly, because it drives him nuts when I fall, but after x-rays, and an embarrassing doctor visit, I had to admit this was the only time I felt lucky to have a big butt, it saved my hip, and I thanked God, once again, for all those extra layers. Because of the weakness in my right leg I have to be careful when I walk, and most everywhere go with my walker or cane, but around the house I usually grab the wall for support. That’s one of the frustrations I live with having a body that tends to go where no man has gone before, and then some. I was lucky, it did leave a really ugly, HUGE, bruise on my booty, and elbow, but it could have been worse. Needless to say, I have been too sore to a paint. I did find out my knee surgery has been changed to January because they have to create a 3-D model of my knee and build the implant. It’s really cool to think about. I’ll write more later about that. In the last week I surprised 3 complete strangers with little acts of kindness, I encourage you to do at least one, their faces lit up and that’s what Christmas is all about. Until next time, Peace and Paints, A

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